H Band - Watch Band | Make any watch a smart watch

Yep. Your watch just got smarter.

Product Detail

HBand: Turns your hand into a phone

HBand is a luxury leather watch strap with built-in Bluetooth Audio fob. It is a compact Bluetooth headset embedded in watch strap that provides phone call convenience in two ways.

  • In Hands on mode, the user would flip open the fob and start taking the phone call by holding hand to ear. The audio is fired from bottom of the wrist to user’s ear. An ideal solution for quick phone call
  • In Headset mode, the user can remove the audio fob from watch strap, insert in ear and use the device like a normal Bluetooth headset

HBand makes Apple or any other smartwatch/Classic watch complete by adding private call feature not provided in any watch today. With ultra slim removable audio fob on the high-quality leather band. Hband provides both private calls using your wrist and a BT headset docked in the band.

The watch strap is made of high quality Italian leather with quick snap magnetic buckle. The buckle also provides docking for the Bluetooth audio fob. Below are some of the watches that H-Band will work with.

  • Apple Watch 42 mm and 38 mm models
  • Pebble Watches with 22mm band support
  • LG Urbane
  • Moto 360-2
  • Classic watches or any Smartwatch with 22mm or 24mm springbar


Audio Fob

Make private phone calls from your wrist. Paired with the H Band, the Audio Fob delivers our patented Hands-on-Talk technology to nearly any watch.


Smart Fob (coming soon)

Make any watch a smart watch. Now, you can add smartwatch functionality to your classic watch by simply swapping out the watch band.