HBand Standard | H Band - Watch Band

  • Hband-Standard is a replacement strap for any Smartwatch or Classic watch with 22mm or 24mm springbar
  • Compact Bluetooth headset that docks on watch strap
  • Luxury Italian Leather band with quick snap magnetic buckle
  • High quality Call and Music Audio

Product Description

HBand is a luxury leather watch strap with built-in Bluetooth Audio fob. It is a compact Bluetooth headset embedded in watch strap that provides phone call convenience in two ways. In Hands on mode, the user would flip open the fob and start taking the phone call by holding hand to ear. The audio is fired from bottom of the wrist to user’s ear. An ideal solution for quick phone call. In Headset mode, the user can remove the audio fob from watch strap, insert in ear and use the device like a normal Bluetooth headset It makes an Apple watch or any Smartwatch/Watch complete by providing private call functionality.

Additional Imformation

22mm Alligator Long, 22mm Pullup Long, 24mm Alligator Long, 24mm Pullup Long, 38mm Alligator Long, 38mm Pullup Long, 42mm Alligator Long, 42mm Pullup Long

Black, Brown